About Me

Hi there! I’m Gladys also known as Gladz Dada, and this is my personal blog. An average girl trying to reach her dreams and travel around the world at the same time.

When did I start blogging? Actually, I just started blogging this year (2017) because my long time partner convinced me to do it. Aside from that, I also want to share my personal thoughts and experiences as a traveler. I am not a writer nor a photographer,┬áso please don’t expect too much on my articles. Those were posted, mainly to share information to everyone who needs it or just because I wanted to. This blog will also serve as my memory lane as time goes by.

I wish I started blogging years ago when my journey as a traveler began. But hey, it’s not too late for someone like me to document it all, right? If you have any comments and suggestions for me to improve my blog, Let me know and send me a message here. Thanks for dropping by!

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